Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

The world of public sculpture and monuments has many facets. People with interests varying from making and conserving, writing on and recording, commissioning and collecting art works - and those with interests in art, local, social or national history - make up the PMSA's membership. Members receive the PMSA's authoritative publication The Sculpture Journal three times a year as part of their subscription. Membership also includes our newsletter, Circumspice, together with topical updates about the PMSA's work, the world of public art and advance booking for the PMSA's programme of events.

For all membership enquires contact:
PMSA Membership Secretary
70 Cowcross St


Please be aware that subscriptions run from 1 January to 31 December:

Subscriptions with the Journal

Individual - UK  £40
Individual - overseas  (EU)  €55
Individual - overseas (non-EU) US$75
Individual - retired £25

Joint membership  £65(2 adults residing at the same address, receiving only one copy of each volume of the Sculpture Journal)

Life membership  £400
Corporate  £125

Subscription without the Journal
Under 25/Student  £5
(The under 25/Student category does not receive the  Sculpture Journal)

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The PMSA is organised and operated almost entirely by volunteers including the Trustees, the Event Organisers, the Newsletter and Journal Editors, the Marsh Award project. Members are encouraged to initiate events or projects suitable, where possible, for active support from the PMSA. The National Recording Project in particular offers volunteers the opportunity to assist on a unique project which surveys, photographs and records the location, form, history and condition of public monuments and sculptures - newly commissioned as well as historical. NRP volunteers, therefore, are offered site survey work, archival research or database entering from survey forms filled in by other volunteers.
Whether you work, or have worked, in the field - or are a collector, observer, commentator or enthusiast - there is a place for you in the PMSA. If you have a penchant for monuments and sculpture you are welcome to join and to participate in all aspects of the Association.

To find out more about the PMSA's aims and activities and other ways you can help us, for example as a volunteer on one of our projects, please e-mail the Executive Administrator on