Detail from: Memorial to 158 Squadron by Peter W. Naylor, 2009

This page gives links to organisations which may be able to deal with enquiries about threatened public sculptures and monuments

English Heritage (EH)
View contact details of regional offices.

Local Authority web sites – search the Directgov website for Local Councils. Go to the appropriate site for your area to find the email address of the relevant Officer.

A word of warning: getting specific information from most Local Authority websites about public art, and what department, and what individual in that department, deals with public art, is often difficult. Monuments and sculptures are likely to be dealt with by different departments.  Most Councils (amongst them the Corporation of London) do not have a policy on public art.  If they acknowledge its existence, it is often subsumed under 'leisure', but may be anywhere (or it may not).  Some authorities have Arts Development Officers, who are the best people to target, if they exist.  Look under the A-Z of Council services, and follow the links.  Otherwise, obtain the relevant telephone numbers - good telephone receptionists are often a mine of helpful information.

National Monuments Record, English Heritage (EH/NMR)
In London and Swindon the NMR holds national sets of the official 'Lists' - see DCMS below. The NMR also holds extensive photographic collections, but note that apart from inner-London government-maintained sites sculpture and public monuments are not well represented.

Images of England (IOE)
Website presenting images for all 'Listed' sites [see DCMS]. Data not complete for the whole of England.

The Victorian Society

Active in case-work and advice.

The Twentieth Century Society

Active in case-work and advice.

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Contact for a) checking the protection ['Listing'] status and b) for new Listing requests. State county, district and address in all enquiries. Printed sets of 'Lists' are available for public scrutiny at Country Record Offices, and a complete list is available through the National Monuments Record qv.

United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials (UKNIWM), Imperial War Museum

Holds extensive national database and collections.

Database of contemporary artists.

Links to other web sites with examples of public sculpture from all the world can be found on our links page